A Foolproof Guide to Choosing Bathroom Colors

Guide to Choosing Bathroom Colors

Are you planning a bathroom remodel? Choosing the right colors will make all the difference in the room’s attractiveness, ambience, and long term use.

Choosing colors is one of the most fun parts of any remodeling job, including a bathroom remodel. This is your chance to show off your personal style and make the room truly your own. In addition, the right colors can make a room look larger, brighter, and more inviting.

However, we have all seen bathrooms where the colors are simply all wrong. The cause is usually that when people choose colors for a bathroom, they tend to either go overboard with trends or stay so neutral that the room lacks character. There is a middle road where you can have a stylish bathroom without it being overwhelming or falling out of style in a few years. Here is a short guide to finding your own happy medium.


1. Decide on a general color palette.

Before buying anything, you should settle on a general plan. Do you want cool colors or warm ones? Cool colors tend to look clean and modern while warm colors look cozy and inviting. In addition, you should have a general idea of the basic color you plan for the bathroom remodel. For instance, if you like the color blue and wish to use it heavily in the bathroom, commit to it. However, you don’t want to pick out paint chips just yet.


2. Use classic or neutral colors for expensive long-term fixtures such as tubs and countertops.

You don’t want to replace more expensive items with each passing trend, so go neutral with more expensive items. This does not mean you have to choose taupe or beige. There are many attractive neutrals such as gray that will look a little different while matching with a variety of wall and décor colors.


3. Choose paint last.

It is easier to find a color that works with a piece of marble than a piece of marble that perfectly matches a counter or fixture. For this reason, you should choose paint last. Unless there is a specific paint color you are just dying to use, this will be a much easier path and often a cheaper one as well.


4. Keep trends to easily replaced items.

There is nothing wrong with following trends. However, bathroom fixtures are expensive; repainting can be time consuming. Most people prefer to replace expensive items as little as possible, which means you should keep trends to towels and curtains. If you really want the bathroom to pop without making a huge commitment, consider an accent wall. It is much easier to paint a single wall than an entire room if needed.

What bathroom colors are you considering? An experienced contractor will be able to help you put together a room that works both now and in the future.