Bathroom Lighting: Creating the Perfect Mood

The way your bathroom is lit can make all the difference in its ambiance and function. The perfect lighting is often a mixture of overhead, accent, and functional light sources.

Have you ever been in a room that is ruined by bad lighting? Low lights can make a room feel dark and creepy, in addition to preventing you from functioning well. Harsh lighting, on the other hand, creates deep shadows and feels a bit blinding. Balancing the light in a room is an essential part of any remodeling job, and bathrooms are no exception.

Many people fail to give consideration to the light balance of their bathroom and end up with a beautiful new bathroom that nonetheless lacks the right feeling. Consider the three following types of lighting when you are planning a bathroom remodel.


  • Ambient lighting. This is the main source of light in your bathroom and usually consists of one or more bright overhead lights. However, the nature of this lighting depends on how you plan to use the bathroom and what kind of style you favor. A modern or traditional bathroom often looks best with a brighter ambient light. Spa like bathrooms or those intended to be used for relaxation may demand lower ambient light to set the right mood. If you have dimmer light as ambient lighting, you will need to add more light from the next category.
  • Functional lighting. This category covers lights over mirrors, lighting in showers, and other lights that are present to help you perform grooming and hygiene tasks. Most bathrooms have lighting above or around mirrors, but yours may need more if you choose lower ambient light.
  • Accent lighting. Accent lighting brings attention to certain features and also adds to the style of your bathroom. The sky is the limit with this type of lighting! Consider pocket lights or track lighting that accentuate your favorite parts of the room.


In most bathrooms, a combination of two or more of these elements will be necessary to get the right amount of space for the space. Achieving this balance will make your bathroom look larger, cleaner, and more welcoming, so it is worth a little time and thought.

Are you ready for a bathroom that sets just the right mood? Talk to an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor about what balance is right for your home.