Bathroom Mold- Prevention & Removal

Mold in the bathroom can be a frequent hassle or one that isn’t always obvious. If you have experienced mold in your bathroom especially around the tub and showers you may know all too well how hard it may be to fight with re-growth. Mold in many cases can become unsightly and nevertheless dangerous. Here are some tips on mold prevention and steps you can take to getting rid of mold altogether.


  1. Proper accents- Use mold resistant shower curtains and be sure to wash al curtains and floor mats frequently.
  2. Use a caddy – Placing shampoo, toys, washcloths and more around the lining of your tub or shower can create damp and closed of spaces for mold to thrive.
  3. Check your humidity – Keeping dehumidifiers and air conditioners on to decrease humidity in the home can tackle mold before it begins to formulate.
  4. Make use of ventilation – Try using your bathrooms fan to combat humidity and steam when you bathe or shower. Leave it on following your bath or shower to soak up any extra moisture in the air.


If mold is already a problem for here are some ways you can rid your bathroom of its presence.

    1. Strip and replace – Caulking and sealant around the tubs, sinks and toilets with present mold should be stripped and removed. Replace tile and various other surfaces where mold has already populated if your budget allows.
    2. Use mold-killers- Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and bleach are effective solutions that can be used to kill mold.
    3. Open space- Try leaving bathroom doors open or in warmer climates crack a widow to dry out mold and keep it from growing.
    4. Mold-Resistant materials – Mold resistant paints and surfaces are available for combating and preventing mold growth.
    5. Improve lighting – It is very hard for mold to grow in brightly lit and well ventilated areas. Try to even replace blinds and curtains with opaque glass for added lighting and continued privacy.