Bathroom Remodeling; DIY Don’t!

So you made some super cool custom shelves in the kids’ room. And that antiqued effect you added to that old trunk you found at a yard sale looks awesome! Maybe you even built an amazing greenhouse in the backyard out of recycled materials like you saw on Pinterest! Hey, I felt like wonder woman when I replaced my toilet ALL BY MYSELF! I even went over and replaced one for one of my friends! So why not tackle replacing that nasty tub?

I’ve seen the one piece systems at the box stores and they look super nice! They don’t have any seems to re-caulk, or grout to scrub. How hard could it be? I replaced my old shower head with one of those pulse massage ones. It’s just a shower head, a faucet, and a drain right? WRONG! Remember my friend whose toilet I installed for him? The tub he tried to undertake in the same bathroom is still sitting diagonally against the wall months later. In fact, when he backed up to make room for me to tighten down the toilet, it fell on his foot and he couldn’t get off the couch without a crutch for two days! That thing was swollen like a soft ball!

Well for starters, let’s talk about codes. Codes and ordinances will vary in different places, but here in East Texas, the Public Protection Cabinet’s Division of plumbing states that, “No person, firm or corporation shall construct, install or alter any plumbing without first having procured a plumbing construction permit from the Division of Plumbing,