High Tech Bathrooms on a Low Tech Budget?

If you are looking for a high tech bathroom, you may suffer a lot of sticker shock when planning remodeling. However, there are a few ways to add that modern James Bond feeling without blowing your budget.
There are so many impressive new features available that it is easy to get disheartened by the expensive features and forget that there are several space age features that are budget-friendly. There is no need to break the bank to have a bathroom that feels modern and high tech. If you want a high tech bathroom without the high tech price tag, consider the following four ideas.

1. Lighting Under Cabinets

A soft glow from under your bathroom vanity or other cabinets looks very high tech. Many people believe you need to install lights to make this happen which is expensive, inconvenient, and not possible with all types of vanity (not to mention the chore of changing those light bulbs!). LED tape can give you the same effect with very little added expense. This tape sticks to most surfaces and will add the effect of under-cabinet lighting without the hassle and cost of installing actual lights.

2. Shower Speakers

Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to music while in the shower or tub? Most people are worried about dropping their iPhone or other music device in the water, but music players on the bathroom counter are drowned out by the sound of water. The good news: waterproof wireless speakers are now affordable. You can find ones that sync with your stereo or iPhone. No more silent showers or muffled music.

3. Colored Faucet Lights

These may not add function, but they add a unique and high tech feeling to your bathroom. You can purchase color changing lights that change with the water temperature so you never scald or freeze your fingers, or even shower head lights that make your showers a fun experience. These are not just fun for you to use, but make bathing more appealing to children and wow your guests as well.

4. High Tech Toilets

Some modern toilets come with features that not only add a space age feeling to your bathroom, but also can make using them more sanitary or comfortable. There are toilets that automatically open and close the lid, ones with heated seats, and even ones with LED lights in the bowl so you don’t have to blind yourself at night with the overhead light. There are many different models with combinations of features that are bound to impress.
If you wish for a bathroom with lots of cool features but are having trouble fitting them into your budget, talk to an experienced bathroom contractor. We can help you find a design that works for your taste and your bank account.