Love Your Bathroom – Implementing Colors!

With Valentine’s Day coming up we’ve found some pretty interesting ways to incorporate pink and red hues into your bathroom remodel. Many colors like Mamie pink and rose red are often overlooked out of fear of a design disaster. So if you are fearing playing around with color after your next remodel or update here are some easy ways you can add these romantic tones in a subtle and polished way!

  1. Deck the walls – That’s right if you fear going full out with your new color choice try choosing an accent color that brings attention to a great piece in your bathroom like your newly installed shower or tub!
  2. Small pops of color – Adding fresh flowers around your vanity or white towels with soft pink accents can bring a simply chic feel to your space without overloading on color. Since some men don’t think pink is too color friendly take it light and easy by using smaller accents to give and airy and romantic feel.
  3. Add in art – Art in bathrooms provide the opportunity to bring your own unique feel to your home. Try adding art to items such as cabinets or shelves to explore color and various design elements in your bathroom!