Planning for Storage and Organization in Your Bathroom

Storage and organization are often overlooked in bathrooms, despite this room needing both.


Bathrooms are functional spaces by nature: a room that we use rather than one that exists to ‘hang out’ or relax in. One would think that this would make storage and organization a priority in bathrooms, but this is rarely the case. Many people assume that a vanity is enough storage for all of their toiletries and essentials. However, there are ways to add storage and organization to a bathroom that make the room more uncluttered and attractive while streamlining your life.


We are used to bathrooms lacking logical organization. If you open a drawer or a vanity in most washrooms, you will see piles of items with no real organization. The result is that people spend too much time looking for items when they need them. In addition, the lack of storage can mean leaving the room repeatedly to get items that you need. These little annoyances are entirely preventable.


Adding storage is as easy as making sure there are enough drawers and cabinets to hold your belongings. Your remodeler can help you accomplish this. Organization is a bit more complicated. You will need to evaluate how you want to store your belongings. Do you want items separated into baskets under a vanity or each in their own drawers? Here are a few organizational strategies to consider:


1. Bins, baskets, and trays.

There are many interesting ways to organize a bathroom, but the core concept is to keep like things together and different things separate. You can accomplish this with a variety of means. Bins, baskets, and trays in closets and vanities are a common way to handle the situation. If you keep these stashed away out of sight, your bathroom will look fresh and uncluttered while you still can find and use what you need quickly.


2. Think outside the vanity.

There are a lot of nook and crannies that can be used for storage in most bathrooms. Consider using wall shelves for storage of items you use every day, or hooks on the back of the door for towels and robes. If you choose to store cleaning supplies in the bathroom and have children in your life, consider whether you will need a high or locked space.


3. Focus on easy access.

Many of the things you store in your bathroom will be used on a weekly or even daily basis. These things should be easy to access, stored where you can grab them in a few seconds and put them away just as easily.


4. Choose vanities that meet your needs.

If keeping items separated, organized, and easy to access is a priority, then you may need a different kind of vanity. Consider one with many smaller drawers rather than the traditional cabinet style.


Do you need more storage and organization in your bathroom? Talk to a bathroom remodeling expert about how to streamline and declutter your space.