Spring Cleaning – De-clutter Your Bathroom with Ease!

If you have been struggling with a fairly small bathroom, sharing with others or simply have stocked and decorated your bathroom with a bit too much. It may be time to do some spring cleaning and create some well needed space in one of the most frequented spaces in your home. In a matter of minutes you can take your bathroom from overly crowded to airy and light with these few short transformation tips. Here’s how!


  1. Organize – Stop stacking linen on surfaces or hoarding all of your perfumes and hygiene products on the countertops. Invest in canvas bins or a quality multi-shelve rack where you can decoratively store your most used items. If you have extra storage space in bathroom cabinets or closets try stocking them properly for a bit more space.
  2. Lighten it up – Darker colors such as blacks and deep dark blues can cause a room to seem smaller and more enclosed. Try white walls, new white counter tops or even a sky blue shower curtain to bring an airy vibe into a colorless space. Natural lighting from covered windows can also bring in a new vibe to your bathroom with ease.
  3. Rearrange – If you have been thinking about a bathroom remodel for starters you’re in the right place. Implementing a deeper tub, or moving the sink or toilet to another part of the bathroom can make a drastic change in your floor space. If you aren’t up for a full remodel try rearranging or updating things that take up floor space like hampers, stands and other small items.