Timeless Color Schemes for Bathroom Remodeling


Choosing the right color scheme for your bathroom remodeling job can make a huge difference in the finished result. The right color scheme can make a bathroom look larger, cleaner and brighter, and even add value to your home.
We’ve all been in bathrooms with dated color schemes. Country blue, dusty rose, and mauve were all the rage in bathrooms of the eighties; you may even have seen sixties bathrooms around with avocado and sunset gold hues. If you choose the popular colors of today for your bathroom remodeling, you may be left in a decade with a similarly dated bathroom. However, there are a few color schemes that are likely to have staying power for decades to come. This will allow you to enjoy your remodeled bathroom without having to overhaul it on a regular basis.
What colors and combinations will withstand the test of time? Consider the following:

  • Navy blue and white. This combination has been in style for decades and surely will be for the foreseeable future. Not only is it attractive and clean, but its nautical associations are perfect for a washroom.
  • Cool gray. Whether you choose a light dove gray or a darker slate, you can’t go wrong with gray. Its seriousness never goes out of style. You can brighten up gray using accessories and towels in contrasting brights if you don’t want a boring bathroom.
  • Earth tones. Deep earth tones such as forest green will always be en vogue. If you want to give your bathroom an outdoorsy feeling, consider combining these hues with natural elements such as wood and stone.
  • Neutrals. Many people assume that neutrals such as tan or beige are boring. While this is sometimes true, it doesn’t have to be the case. You can brighten up neutrals with linens, accessories, and other accents. These are easier and cheaper to change than overhauling an entire room.
  • Crisp white. There is a reason bathrooms traditionally use white plumbing and white tiles: it looks timeless and clean. A white bathroom may be plain, but it is following a long tradition. In addition, many people prefer white bathrooms because they do not hide dirt and germs.

These are just general guidelines, which means they are meant to be broken. If you want something more trendy, go for it! Just be prepared for the possibility that you will be left with an outdated bathroom in ten years and need to make minor style changes.
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