Winterize Your Bathroom

Everyone loves a cozy home all year round. When the cold of winter sets in, it is the perfect time to bring some warm updates and accents to your bathroom! Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your bathroom for the winter chill and make it all the more cozy.

  1. Place rugs! On floors that are easily cold like tile and granite, try placing decorative rugs to create a warm spot to place your feet when occupying the bathroom.
  2. Organize towels. Towels look great for boosting the design aesthetic in your bathroom.  Placing them in a decorative fashion in your bathroom is also functional for easier reach in colder temperatures. Try rolling them and organizing in unused shelving spaces or hanging on towel hangers.
  3. Place a wall rack! Robes can be readily available by placing a wall rack or a stand-alone rack for your convenience.
  4. Seal windows. Ensure the windows in your bathroom and all around your home are properly sealed for maximum insulation and temperature control.

Next time you’re out shopping this season be sure to grab something special for your bathroom interior and decor.