Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling a bathroom can come with a shocking price tag, but it is possible to get a bathroom you love on a budget.


If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you probably have suffered some sticker shock. The average, middle of the road bathroom remodeling job is around $16,000. The price tag rises if you want custom features, higher end materials, and other bonuses. Despite these scary facts, it is possible to remodel on a budget if you plan well and communicate with your remodelers.


People tend to fall into two camps when it comes to remodeling. Some want it done as quickly and cheaply as possible. These people often are not happy with their end product. In addition, they don’t get any really benefit as their home value remains the same and their bathroom is no more enjoyable or functional. Other people (the majority in our experience) simply barrel through the process and choose what they want, to be shocked at the end by the overall price.



If you want more than a basic, bare bones bathroom but you have a budget, rest assured that this middle ground is possible. There are several ways you can plan your bathroom remodel to have a beautiful result in your price range.


Settle on a budget


It’s important to be realistic here and to look around at different prices. You should also come to terms with the fact that some sacrifices may be made, although you can still get a remodel that you love.


Decide on priorities


This is the most important part of remodeling. What parts of the bathroom are most important to you? If you want top of the line fixtures, you can still save on flooring and other aesthetic elements. If aesthetics are your top priority, then check out budget options. Once you have set your priorities, the path becomes clear.



Be realistic about DIY


Doing it yourself seems like a great way to save money until you are halfway through the remodel, have lived three months without a functional bathroom, and have to call in a contractor to fix expensive mistakes. Often fixing these mistakes costs more in the long run that it would have cost to pay for a professional remodeling job. Plumbing and other remodeling work require skill that you can’t get from a YouTube video.



Communicate with your contractor


We understand that people have to stick to a budget; it’s no secret and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Talk to your contractor from the beginning about your plans and what you expect to pay. These professionals can help you determine what is realistic and what isn’t as well as give you tips on where to save wisely.



If you want a luxurious new bathroom with a less than luxurious price tag, talk to a bathroom remodeling expert today.