Bathroom Design Styles

Discover your style. Design your space.

Our design styles—traditional, transitional, and contemporary—are building blocks to help you imagine your dream space. Through our personalized, in-home design consultation, Re-Bath can help you coordinate your design elements like style, color, and products, to create a well-designed bathroom within your budget.


A refined, yet comfortable style that features classic, formal charm influenced by the past. Every element feels familiar, properly placed and welcoming. This style features lots of ornamentation, focusing on architectural detail rather than hiding it. Cabinetry can be flush or inset with raised panel doors, and always paired with elegant knobs or handles (as opposed to handle-free). Decorative inserts and classic lighting ties the space together, giving it warm, lived-in feel.


A harmonious style that balances classic elegance and contemporary chic. With a more relaxed feel than its traditional roots, transitional style embodies comfort ang warmth, and lends the freedom to freshen up the look with trendy accessories. This style is crisp and straightforward with warm, neutral palettes ang natural surfaces, such as wood and stone. Hardware is simple, yet elements like lighting can become statement pieces to give the room a focal point.

Contemporary Bathroom

An edgy yet organic style based on geometry and function Sleek cabinetry with simple hardware (or no handles at all), minimal accessories, cutting edge fixtures and high gloss finishes set the stage. A mixture of patterns and texture within a neutral or monochromatic palette bring interest, while eye-catching and edgy lighting finish the space.